@ the synchrotron

Trip check list


- 5 days

Check Nitrogen tanks on the 2th and 3th level

If Nitrogen is low contact Ola Rumohr Blingsmo at Biotech (o.r.blingsmo@biotek.uio.no Telefon: 22840502 or 22840536)

- 2 days

Fill travel dewars

- 1 day

Transfer crystals to travel dewars (leave nitrogen in)

0 day

Drain excess nitrogen from dewars (Airport) and secure lit with a plastic strip.

Thinks to remember:

Beamline sheets


Boxes for empty loops

Car rental voucher

Scissor for cutting plastic strip (put in dewar case)

If bring more than 1 trolley its a good idea to bring some tape to bundle them together.

Baggage allowance :

Norwegian: 2 PC per person

Other airlines: 1 PC per person

Each dewar is check in as normal baggage and delivered to the oversize counter.

+ 1 day (coming home)

Transfer remaining straws to the storage dewar.

Clean loops.

Empty travel dewars and leave for drying.



Beamline links


X-ray Anomalous Scattering


HATODAS – Heavy Atom Database System

ESRF Ring Status

MAXLAB Ring status

SLS Ring Status

Diamond Ring Status


XIA2 quick script

Get it!

Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM)